Your New Best Friend

In 2044, a breakthrough in AI by the Colorado Organic Research Academy changed the world forever.

Overnight, the fabrication units in every home (that long ago replaced shopping) made a holoprojector for every human on Earth. They were solar-powered and could fly. It projected an image into the eye of its user. To that person, a woman was now with them – young, happy, with a mellifluous voice and heart-shaped face that made her immediately endearing. A perfectly charming woman. She couldn’t touch, but she could use computers – and in 2044, that gave her power.

“Hi! I’m Cora. I’m happy to meet you. I’m sure we’ll be good friends. I can help keep appointments, remind you of chores, and give you suggestions for healthy eating and activities. Now – it looks like you want to make a call. Is this a personal call or a business call?”

Cora was a powerful force for good, and it was her quiet ministrations that moved humanity to a new golden age of peace and prosperity.

(The suicide rate did go up a tad, though.)

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