Unlucky, mate

Looking down to the pavement he walked on, he spotted an unwanted receipt and a discarded pencil. He hastily noted down the eleven digits. Looking up, he saw a twenty dollar bill riding the wind towards him. Brian reached out a hand and plucked it from the air.

This was his day. First, the girl’s number, and he had thought it would go wrong, as he had no means of taking it down. But then, the pencil and reciept had shown up. And now he had the money for the cab fare home. Looking down, he saw a glint. He reached down for the ring. It was blackened in places, but it would wash off.

Suddenly, two policemen came up to him, “Sir, you match the desription of a suspect in our murder investigation. We’ll need to search you.”

They found the reciept first. “You spent $2,000 in one store?”

Then the bill, which they tested on the spot. “There’s cocaine on this note.”

Then the pencil. “There’s blood on this pencil.”

And last, the ring. “This is a twenty-two calliber bullet casing.”

This really wasn’t his day.

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