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Pouring my first drink of the night, now that I’m home from the concert.

We met up in a bar first, but I prefer to drink alone. Besides, I didn’t know these people. My buddy had invited a friend along, & the friend had brought a date who clearly wasn’t going to fuck him. It’s all in the body language.

The conversation turned to local news, & early this morning there was a raid on a local motel. There were some jokes about what a shithole the place is, full of drug addicts & whores. The date chimes in, smiling: “SWAT should’ve just shot ’em all in the face!”, & she laughed.

Sometimes you laugh because you’re playing along. Sometimes you laugh because something is genuinely funny. Other times you laugh because you remember the night in the motel when you could’ve slept in the snow but instead the guy you were copping from let you have a corner of the floor for a few hours.

The corner of my mouth twitched as I tried not to laugh. I drank some water instead. Like I said, it’s all in the body language.

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