Recurring Dream

It’s been a long while since I was in high school, but I’ve always had this dream. It’s the same every time, and I don’t even know the significance of it.

I was a wrestler back in junior year. I have a lot of memories, good and bad, from that time.

So the dream goes like this:

It’s a home match versus your rival. The stands are packed and the gym lights cast eight different shadows around you when you stand. It’s almost your turn to step onto the mat, and your leg is shaking under your hand from the anticipation.

You change into uniform right before your match. Now it’s your time to go up. You walk out onto the mat, so does the other kid. It’s just you two and the ref, no one else. Everyone’s watching you and there’s nowhere to hide now. You get into your stance. Your adrenaline is pumping so you’re a lot stronger than you think. So is he. You’re so pumped your vision shakes and your opponent blurs around the edges.

The blurring just gets so bad I wake up, and I still don’t know why I have this dream….

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