“We interrupt our regularly-scheduled television program to bring you a Channel 7 News special report.”
“In an event described by our analysts as ‘holy shit, what is going on,’ it seems that the surface of the entire planet has been rearranged. We have no idea why this has happened. Uh, here’s Angela, reporting live.”
“Thanks, Jim. Here I am in Houston… er-”
A passer-by whispered, directly in front of a boom mike, “Canada.”
“Yes, Canada. Houston, Canada. As you can see, the entire city has been quite literally turned upside-down. Here, firefighters are working to rescue the poor souls trapped in the top – sorry, bottom – floors of the JPMorgan Chase Tower. Meanwhile, it seems that aftershocks are still occurring, five hours after the original event, and various objects are turning up all around the wo-”
Suddenly, she was gone, only to be replaced by an obscenely large statue of Freddie Mercury.

An awkward silence came over the crew, but was interrupted when the same passer-by commented, “That was weird.”

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