What's my age again?

I sit there in detention, mulling over the world inside my head. Teacher’s lax about punishment, all we have to do is sit in silence, nothing big.

Imagine it, you always do something wrong, and get into detention. And you still act like you’re in freshman year. What the hell is wrong with me? My friends say I should act my age.


Detention’s over. I head down the steps of the tower block and out towards the main courtyard. I head round towards graphics and into the room we always use. There’s a freshman in there, already.

“You’re a tad late.”

“So’s everybody else.”

The kid has music blazing from his phone.

No one should take themselves so seriously.
With many years ahead to fall in line.
Why would you wish that on me?

I smile. I never want to act my age.

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