Getting Older

“Mom! Grandpa’s up in the tree again!”
“It’s okay, Tommy. He likes it up there.”
“He’s naked, mom!”
“Oh, alright. Maybe you should get grandma—”
“MOM! He’s flinging poo!”
“Oh, no. Dad, you come down now—eee!”
“Ewww, gross!”
“Tommy, run and get Grandma Jane before the neighbors call…oh, darn, it’s too late. Hurry, run get grandma -”
“I’m here, dear. What is it?”
“Oh, hi, mother. Dad’s in the tree again, and the police are coming.”
“Oh, that man of mine. I’d better get him down before they use the dart gun again. He’s getting too old to take another fall like last time.”
“MOM! He’s shaking his thing at people!”
“Tommy, stand back here with me. Let grandma handle this.”
“Honey, it’s Jane, dear. Come on down now. I made your favorite banana cream
“WOW! That’s gonna wake up the neighborhood! Grandpa still has lungs on him.”
“Tommy, I said stand back.”
“I am standing back, mom. Hey, grandma, this what it was like living in the jungle back in the old days?"
“Well, sometimes, dear.”

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