The body of the fight

Henry ‘Heart’ Harrison ran forward to the car. He was the bravest of the team.

“Hmm… I need a second opinion. Eyes, Brain, get over here”.

Egbert Ethelson and Brian Burnham joined him and peered under the cloth.

“Is that a…” Eyes spoke first.
“A bomb, I think so.” Brain confirmed.

Hans ‘Hands’ Handson need no cue, and was there before you knew it. He swiftly deactivated the bomb with his subtle fingers.

“Great job, guys, disaster averted,” Heart said in a congratulatory manner, “We’ll camp here, now that it’s safe.”

Mike ‘Muscles’ Mortman brought in the gear while Mouth got the dinner going. Hands pitched the tents, while Feet ran the food out to everyone.

While I just stand there. Everyone else had something to do. Everyone except Alex ‘Appendix’ Anderson

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