The entire team slept peacefully. It was a long day and they were all tired. Erschel “Ears” Emmerson was keeping watch but was dozing off. Brain was passed out a few feet away from him and whenever Brain got tired, Ears got tired. They really needed to figure out a better way to stand guard.

Chris “Coccyx” Crowe and Alex “Appendix” Anderson, the two duds of the team, were resting in their tent. Coccyx was fine, his brother was Spine and they were inseparable. Appendix, however, knew full well that they could remove him from the team at any time, just the way they had done too Wendell “Wisdom Teeth”. This was a fate he did not want to face.

“It’s been too long” he thought to himself, “They don’t even look at me”.

Something about Appendix that none of the other team knew about him was that he was a bit of an explosives expert. In his desperation, he snuck out of his tent to retrieve some C-4. He was going to take the team down with him. They’ll all regret the day they labelled him as ‘useless’.

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