The paper airplane nosedived right next to Laura’s desk.

Ben. If you’re not Ben, either die in a hole or pass this to him. Well, with an opening like that, she had to read on.

Liz lived in her building. She would show her the note after school. Maybe Liz would invite her to hang out! Laura fidgeted for the rest of the day, bursting with anticipation.

She knocked eagerly on Liz’s bedroom door. “Go away!” Came a shout from inside. Laura pushed the door open just a crack. “I said, GO AWAY!” But Laura had already seen everything, and was gasping for breath.

Tears streaked Liz’s face. Her hair was a mess, and there was a line of blood down her arm. An open bottle of pills sat next to a glass of water. Tiptoeing, Laura entered. “Liz?”

“Just leave me the fuck alone. No one cares. Not you, not anyone.”

Laura perched on the edge of the bed. “Maybe not,” she whispered. “But maybe someone does.” She slid the pills into her pocket.

And she set the paper, still folded into the shape of an airplane, on the bed.

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