Melt All Over Again

“Well, what is it then?” I demand a little too harshly.

“It’s hard to tell you when you’re acting like this. Can’t you give me another chance? A chance to… to gather my thoughts…to figure out how I’m feeling about all this. It’s not as simple as you make it sound. I’m dealing with a delicate balance of what’s ideal and what’s practical and… it’s difficult. It’s not just a snap decision. I’m having a hard time with…” she trails off and stares out the window, biting her lip.

Watching her, listening to her spill like this, I feel my heart melt. There I go again. Unable to resist her and…. whatever she has that captivates me so much. I’m quiet.

“I’m sorry,” I murmur. “I didn’t realize it was that complicated for you. …Do you want to talk about it?” She seems to have calmed down a little, and she looks a little bitter and guarded. I wish I could rewind this whole conversation and start over.

“Um… I think I’ll be alright. Would you mind driving me back to my car now? It’s getting dark.”

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