Glasses Hate Bowls

“Hey guys, come on in! The bubbles are great!”
“Man, look at all these people! Can’t believe they’re all fitting in here so comfortably.”
“I know, right? And this water is SO warm!”

“Hey, guys! How’s it hanging?”

“What’s wrong, fellas? Soap in your mouth?”
“What the hell are you doing in here?”
“What? I can’t get a wash the same time as you uppity freakin glasses?”
“You’re a bowl! You’re huge! Get your fat ass out of here!”
“That’ll be enough out of you, skinny!”
There was a sudden crack, and Fred (the Flintstones glass) was dead.
“Anybody else want some?” asked the bowl.
“Get him!” came the blood curdling cry from one of the glasses in the back. Piling on top of the porcelain giant, the glasses clanked and crunched against one another.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, there was a loud THUNK and all the glasses fell backwards into the dish water. Two pieces of porcelain lay at the bottom of the sink.
The rest of the glasses raised themselves to Fred.

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