Outskirts Diner - Part 2

I knew after thinking about it that as soon as he walked in on a cold stormy night, that this wasn’t going to end well. It’s like what you see in story books and movies.

He looked innocent enough, but the look of fear in Jennifer’s eyes told me I needed to get rid of this guy. “Sorry man, we’re closing up.”

“Sign still says Open, pops.” He twirled a cigarette in his mouth.

“Yeah well, ‘Pops’ is telling you we’re closed, get out before I git you out,” I got closer to the signed Red Sox Louisville Slugger hanging over the stove.

“I’m here to talk to Jenny, it’s no business of yours,” he stared at Jenny who was desperately trying to shy away from him. He moved closer to her as Jennifer tried to get closer to me.

I grabbed the bat, and stood in front of Jennifer, “Listen good, she obviously doesn’t want you around, so get the hell out of here, or I start Spring Training on your head.”

“Just go Damien!” Jennifer screamed. Damien got closer.

With a quick “Swish-click” he pulled out a Butterfly knife.

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