Heidi stood on the steps just inside the school hall. Even in her turquoise satin dress and her hair in dark ringlets, she still felt awfully plain.

By the punch, Heidi could see Randy pulling some girl into a dance as a fast track came from the DJ booth. Her heart sank.
Heidi had had a revelation the night before, looking through pictures of that trip to DC in seventh. She knew now that she loved him, with every part of herself. This was no childish crush.

Matt came up behind her and took hold of her hand. “Hey, sweetie,” he whispered, seeing his crush dance enthusiastically with Laura. “You okay?”
“Come on, let’s dance.”
The fast track ended and something mellow beat through the loudspeakers. “Let’s not.” Heidi grinned, squeezing his hand.

“Heidi?” a deep voice came from behind. Turning she saw Jonny from the other class smiling nervously. “Wanna dance?”

Looking to the punch table she caught Randy’s eye. “Love to,” she whispered, watching Randy as she went. You’ll want me soon.

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