Defying Gravity

Elphias Doge stood there, his back to me. His feet placed firmly upon the edge of the concrete overhang that looks out over the thirty stories to the pavement.

“You see what you’ve done? You brought this on yourself! I hope you’re happy.” I yell, enraged.

“I hope you’re happy, too. The man has got you as his pawn. I hope you’re proud how you would grovel in submission,” he smiles, as he turns to face me, “Something has changed within me, something is not the same. I’ve buggered every choice I ever made, and now it’s too late. Too late for second guessing, too late to go back to sleep.”

“Can’t I make you understand? You’re having delusions of grandeur!”

“I’m through accepting limits ‘cause someone says they’re so!”

“I can understand that! Everyone deserves the chance to fly.”

“Exactly. Kiss me goodbye, I’m defying gravity.” And he turned and jumped from the building.

For a moment, he flew. But then he was falling. He crashed to the ground, specks of white powder visible on his finger tips.

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