Stalworth's Affliction

There are many who wish to profit from their link through Stalworth’s Mind, and others who are more malicious in what they choose to do. You cannot blame the dragons for this, they are merely curious of our world. It is much bigger than what they are used to. The problem lies within the twisted minds that bring them over. Not all dragons choose to come.

You say that I am dangerous, and that might well be true, but if I am dangerous, then pray you do not see the worst. I have trained my pen for many years, and through my toils, my mind is strong. With my dragon reinforcing the link, we are far stronger than any evil can hope to be. Unfortunately, this does not pertain to you.

Do you believe that your mind is strong enough? Are you so scared of what may exist beyond the cracks? Would it not be better to ally with those who would help you, then to wait for the darkness to claw it’s way through? From what I have witnessed, you should not be scared of those from Stalworth, but of imagination in the wrong hands.

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