Strange Patient 3

She ran forward, and Dr. Geldo screamed. She drove the scapel into his stomach. He doubled over, cluching his wound. She pushed him to the ground, and started to carve into his leg. He shrieked in pain. Where were the police? Why hasn’t anyone called them? The questions barely formed in his thoughts. For she started to slash his back open.
He was too weak and in far to much pain to counter attack. His blood pooled around him. He heard her laugh. It was just like a witch’s.
She grabbed his hair, and yanked so he could look at her face. Blonde hair stained with blood covered her face. She was smiling evily.
“I’m surprised you didn’t remeber me. Considering what you did to me,” she snarled. She spat at his confused face.
“Maybe my name will help. Katherine,” she hissed. She saw surprise covering his face. She smiled, pleased that he remembered her.She dropped his head and stood up. She placed the scapel in his hand, then smiled. She left laughing at the death of the man she killed.

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