Introducing Victor

Eyes darting around the hall, one hand fingering the crucial document in his pocket; if Victor Higson didn’t always look so spiteful and smug, the rest of the eighth grade might have guessed he was up to something.

Victor was much more suited to observing his peers than mingling with them – his chunky glasses and questionable dress sense ensured that – and standing in the shadows, he thought once more how, unlike Tim, he’d never be able to make girls swoon just by being around.

Tonight, that wouldn’t matter.

He’d planned it all – after Stacy West so unexpectedly ‘cheated’ a math test, school rules meant the role of Student President needed replacing.

All I want is somebody who needs me – I’m just going to have to make Kristin an offer she can’t refuse… One signature and Miss Stuart’s slow dance will be mine!

Not once did Victor think that an engaging political talk could have done the trick – plan hatching was more his style.

After all, there had to be some perks to being the principal’s son.

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