As soon as the announcement was make, Kristin didn’t know whether to cry or grin eagerly. So she squirmed in her seat, dreading the next few weeks. She expected not to be asked out (who wants a girlfriend smarter than themselves?) and yet she kind of hoped at least ONE person would.

And, for the first time, Kristin stopped listening to Mr Dobbins’ lecture. She started to day dream.

James Bond… Well, I’d have to be Money Penny… she’s the only one smart enough not to get dumped by Bond… Uh! Ian Fleming was so sexist, its disgusting… Maybe I shouldn’t dress to the theme… Kristin, what are you thinking? You can’t break the rules!…

Kristin fought a long battle with herself, and decided, in the end, that her date wouldn’t dress as Bond, but some other, more respectable person… maybe Number 1…

“Miss Stuart! Are you paying attention?”

Kristin awoke with a start. She blushed to the point where a tomato would look pale in comparison. Why bother dreaming? No one would ask her.

“Of course, sir!”

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