Experiment (Elena)

The adrenaline pumped through Elena’s veins. Her mother would kill her when she found out she’d skipped school to break into an underground hub performing what could be a vicious experiment. Elena didn’t know why anyone would agree to put their body through it, but that wasn’t the issue. She just wanted to see it.

From her hiding place in an old, but at the moment unused, viewing room she could see the whole room.
There were men and women in white coats pacing and looking important, two men with a camera and a boom stick filming a slick media shark, suited men with headsets shouting into their tiny microphones.

This was going to be massive. The whole world was in uproar about it: national debates, protests and underground conspiracies grasped the entire country. The Chinese ambassador allegedly smacked the Prime Minister.

All this uproar about something so simple… and too brilliant to miss.

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