Experiment (Dave)

Dave’s orange hair fell in dreads around his face as he stared up at the titanium dome. This dome protected something evil and he knew it. It was completely inhumane.

Dave shouted again through his loudspeaker to the millions of protestors who had gathered outside the laboratory.
“This experiment is a violation to human rights!” The crowd cheered in agreement. Signs waved frantically over a sea of heads.
“The world’s governments have let an abomination taint out world!” More cheers.

A black car began to push it’s way through the crowds and the masses fell silent for the first time in twenty days.
“Which is this?” Kris whispered in his ear. Dave knew all too well who this was: the unknowing victim of the mad professor’s experiments.

Dave knew what that machine would do to the girl. He had helped designed it. And he knew she was going to die, so he had to stop it.
He started to run.

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