Social Life

The doctor throws back his head and roars with laughter. “I see they’ve programmed you with a rather sophisticated sense of humor, too.”

This was not quite the reaction that I’d been hoping for when I set out to convince Green that his plan was useless. The psychological approach wasn’t working out for me. Programs deactivated while logic circuits cut in. “Wait a second doc,” the use of nicknames will perhaps soften him up even more, “You said I’m dying. What good will putting your mind in my body do if you still die afterwards?”

Green smiles a decidedly nasty smile. A rogue process cuts in, recommends that Green should see a dentist, and cuts out. “Ah, I’m afraid that you mistook my meaning, my mechanical friend. You’re going to die, because I’m going to replace your programming with my personality.”

“I guess I won’t be a hit at parties anymore.”

“But I will be.”

“You don’t know the sorts of parties I go to.”

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