Alice in Ponderland

The three forms appeared with a burst of light.

“Wow, Alice!” exclaimed the Mad Hatter furtively, “You’ve transporater-me-whatsited us”

“Yes, but where are we?” inquired the March Hare.

At that moment, a voice resounded off everything and nothing, inside them and all around.

Who goes there?

“Why, that would be Alice, Hatter and Hare, at your service. Would you mi-”

Your curiosity allowed you to find this place! As a result, I will answer you each one question! Approach!

In the middle, or possibly the edge, 0f the anything they were standing on, there appeared a statue of a man sitting on a rock, his head resting upon his fist.

The Hare was first, “Will rabbits ever rule the world?”


Then the hatter, “What is the best question to ask you?” Hoping Alice would take the hint.

What is the meaning of the universe?

Alice still had her meeting of the dynamic duo in her head, “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

Because you cannot ride either of them like a bicycle!

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