The Worst Thing To Say In A Hospital

“I’m sorry, you have a massiverism.”

“Isn’t there something you can do?”

“Well, you’re very lucky that it isn’t 2010, because we wouldn’t have been able to do anything about one this big, but now there are many treatments available. However, we only have one set up in this hospital. It is possible that side effects can occur in men.” She explained.

“And the other treatments?”


“No, I can’t wait,give me your treatment, whatever it is. And I want a man doctor, I don’t want no woman treating me.” He said.

“Fine.” She replied, teeth gritted. A smile formed as she turned away.


After the week in an induced coma, he woke up. The doctors had removed the medicinal drip feeds that had applied the treatment already. He got out of bed and fell over, finding an extra weight on the front of his body. He managed to rise and balance. Glancing in the mirror, he was shocked and appalled. His curved face was outlined by is golden, flowing locks, the first thing he noticed about his now feminine figure.

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