Up For Interpretation

Fifty years ago, in the year 3124, The Conglomerate of Survivors, unearthed the first piece of literature from the empires that laid waste the the Earth so long ago. For them this find was momentous and gave promise of a return to the glory days of humanity. After interpretation and analysis, it became apparent that it was merely nonsensical drivel and may have even contributed to the ancient civilizations downfall.

The Priests of The Union of Risen States disagreed wholeheartedly with this conclusion. They believed that the literature was a gift sent from the gods and was to be put in place as holy doctrine for all the nations. After much debate over the topic, the two empires finally agreed to conduct a test. They were to analyze a cryptic question in the novel. In the meantime, they stockpiled.

A week ago, at a conference, the chief scientist released their findings stating “There are absolutely no similarities between a raven and a writing desk.”

The war is brutal. I fear the end may come yet again.

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