No One Can Touch Us

We’re getting higher everytime that we love.

Glasses up, a toast! To us, and everyone who’s ever felt like this. To suspense, surprises, secrets, and knowing you’re the girl of someone’s dreams. To basking in glory, sharing your luck, and embracing the quiet.

If I fall over will you catch me, baby?

Tonight is our night. We’re here together for a reason, and whatever that may be, we won’t let it pass by. Tonight we will see the world. Every wonder and every shadow to follow the rest. I’ll take you beyond the sky, what we know. I’ll show you what never existed. You just hold me close.

Come on, come on and celebrate. ’Cause we are together, made for each other.

I need a word that’s sweet mixed with passion. A word to describe complete trust, honesty, confidence, and humility. Something to describe your face when you light up, glowing wi- What word could describe how I feel at this very moment?

We can stand alone…

… and now no one can touch us.

But you already know. It takes one kiss.

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