Right. As if she would ever be caught dead attending some ridiculous school dance. Obedient little piggies, all willingly led to the slaughter of their own intellect, imaginations, and creativity. Oblivious, is what they were. She could see them all now: Staring blank-faced at one another, robotically swaying; each in their matching dresses and tuxedos and shiny – like an entire bag of glitter had barfed on them.

James Bond. Hmph. Of course that was the theme. Why actually be exciting and dangerous when you can just echo someone else’s fantasy of being exciting and dangerous? Of course everyone will dress up as Jinx or Solange. A few will come as Pussy Galore or Octopussy, just to make the boys blush…I’d go as Kissy Suzuki. Hah. They wouldn’t even get the reference.

Shifting slightly in her seat, Aiko discretely gazed at the last desk on the right, where he sat. She wondered if he was going to the prom and who he would ask. I guess it would be fun if he asked me. I guess.


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