Introducing Bryn Melrose

Sitting alone and nervous with her sandwich, Bryn was awash with emotions as she progressed through her first day of public school. This was a new experience for her for up until now, she had been home schooled and had no experience with this place called middle school. She was nervous, excited, scared and bright-eyed as she pondered the words of her brother.

Her older brother, who was quite sociable, had ensured that she was well prepared. As he dropped her off on his way to high school, his sage advice for her was this: “Make friends and be nice, but stay under the radar”.

So far, it was exactly as she expected and at the same time, exact opposite. She expected the bustle, gossip and cliques. She had not expected to be thoroughly ignored. Maybe that’s because she had followed her concerned brothers advice up till now. So She decided to break away from his sheltering wing and make a splash, whatever that may be. So much for staying under the radar.

She would make her grand entrance at the prom.

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