From the outside of Campbell’s Diner, Juan could see the flashing lights, could hear the pop music of his school’s dance a block away. Most of the kids he knew would be there; he, in contrast, was up the street, bussing tables and taking out the trash to help pay for rent and pills and school supplies.

He wandered back into the building, trying to ignore the piteous look that Mrs. Campbell gave him, the suspicious ones from Mr. Campbell. Hating that he owed them for their generosity, knowing that he should be grateful for the pay. The Campbells were personas simpáticas for letting him work for them, he reminded himself. Even if his thoughts kept returning to the school dance.

As he unlocked his bike and began the ride home, Juan was deep in thought. Let los afortunados enjoy the dance, blissfully unaware of the world around them. He had a family and a growing sense of resentment to attend to.

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