heart beats time conscious streams

Okay, I admit it, I fucked up. Def. posted this with the wrong graphic, fucking italics. Then, rather than notice there was an edit button, I republished the story with an edited final line, so now I kinda feel like a jackass. Maybe someday I’ll find a delete button and this entry won’t exist anymore… Twitter+Facebook+Ficly+AintItCool+XKCD+a million other internet websites means I spend all day wasting time online and no time doing anything LEGITIMATELY productive.
I live in an entire generation of iPod people, bodies snatched by errant streams of nanotech, where we listen to indie rockers who live three doors down from us, watch clips of people we might’ve met one day on Youtube and Twitter inane details to inane Twitter followers, who more than likely received the same updates on our Facebook accounts. This has resulted in my abnormal desires to withhold punctuation and start sentences with “this,” you don’t get to pause or think or wait or breathe you’ll follow every word until eyes bleed off and STOP

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