slightly louder than a heart beat

Do you understand the rain? It’s an easy thing for a blind man to comprehend. Rain falls from the sky and makes you wet. I hear it’s hard to see in the rain. For some of us, it’s hard to see regardless.
I like the rain. I like things I can understand, even if they’re not that easy to see. Helps me feel less shortchanged. She sounds beautiful. Fuck, I still feel shortchanged.
Ever been jealous of something you can’t fix? I’m jealous of every ex-boyfriend, every jogger, every relative, every passerby, every everything because they see her, and I can’t. I can only hear her, and my god she sounds beautiful. I bet her eyes shine like her lips taste. A glistening combination of oranges and tongue.
It’s not like I’ve never seen before, I wasn’t bon blind, I do know what I’m missing. Maybe if I was born this way I wouldn’t be so angry that I can’t see her, but I wasn’t, and I am, and my god we must be something to see.
I’ve never had this many thoughts during one kiss. The lightning sounds softer than a pop

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