The Survivor - Part II

Patient ID # 58550-07 stood in his room waiting for his meds. Thomas, his former name, looked down at his clothes, they were white. He hated that colour. He wanted to rip it off and break out of his room, go out the exit and catch the next off-world transport he could find. His mind said “Yes”, but his body, through the power of medication said “No.”

Thomas was started to gain his control back, slowly over the past few weeks he’s been spitting back up his meds and had been hiding the remains in a torn hole in his white mattress. His body still rebelled, but his mind was winning the battle. He knew he didn’t belong here, he was beginning to realize that. He was put here against his will. Each night he would wake suddenly from nightmares of how he was brought to this facility. He fought the entire time but couldn’t get away.

He heard footsteps down the hallway coming towards his room, his door was padded open, and suddenly turned white, the man from his nightmares entered the room, Staff Sergeant Jonas.

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