Just a Dog

I laid on the floor, wishing I had opposable fingers, or what not, to plug my ears. But I was a dog, and nothing more than that. They thought I thought it was funny, but truthfully, it was plain annoying. I didn’t know who made it up, or what possessed them to do such a horrid thing, but someone had done it. They sang that stupid song over and over again, hoping for a waggy tail or something that didn’t even cross my mind. I was an old dog. An old dog who only wanted to sleep, eat, and lie down in the grass on occasion. Nothing exciting, but I was there. A not-so-special addition to the family. They sang a little song, maybe even a chant, it rhymed and it flowed together. It definetly got my attention, but it made me crazy. I’d lie down, roll over, I’d even “go fetch”, anything to make them shut their mouths. But what could I do about their silly song and off pitch singing voices? I was just a dog, and nothing more than that.

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