The Raven And The Writing Desk

The Raven and the Writing Desk, covered in little ink blots from years of use, were the very best of friends. They never quarrelled and where one went the other gladly followed. All those who met the pair marvelled at their unusual friendship.

“I wonder why the Raven likes the Writing Desk?” or vice versa, was a popular question, puzzled over by many.

One day the pair were passing through a forest when they met a woodsman and his son. The little boy pointed at them and laughed to see such a strange partnership. The Raven, quite upset by this said:

“And why should we not like one another?”

“Because you’re so different,” said the little boy.

“But I am black with ink and the Raven is also black,” said the Writing Desk. “And we both produce notes. Not to mention that we both love peanut butter!”

The little boy considered this and decided that perhaps they were more like one another than he had first thought.

And that is why a Raven is like a Writing Desk.


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