The Acceptance Speech

Thank you to everyone who voted for us, for the judges and for all of you for sitting through the next 45 seconds.

Ficly is a creative oasis in a sea of sameness. It allows anyone with five minutes to create a world, a character, a scene or an emotion – all in 1,024 characters or less. In fact, this acceptance speech is a Ficly, written by the community to express what it means to be part of the community and to thank you for this award.

Before we get to that part, we have a few people to thank. First of all, Jason Garber for pushing to build Ficly after ficlets went away, and writing all the CSS that won us this award. Viget Labs for helping us out with such an amazing design. Seimitsu for being there with the hosting for us, and the Ficly community who help keep us going!

Now here’s what the community wants to tell you about what Ficly means to them…

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