Ben finally came out to his parents the other night. He’d known forever that he was different, but now he was sure. They called what he felt “homosexuality” or “gay” in most cases. Ben stopped caring after a while, especially after Randy finally opened up to him.

When they made the announcement, Ben thought it was the perfect opportunity to tell Randy about him; about them.

“Randy!” He whisper-shouts, “Are you going to the prom thing?”

“I don’t know, maybe. You going?”

“Yeah. But we should go. Just so we don’t have to deal with stupid girls.” Ben knew Laura wasn’t the type to go to dances, so when she would deny Randy, Ben would be the first person he’d go to.

“Sure. But I might ask Laura if you don’t mind,”

I do mind.

“I heard she wasn’t even going,”

“I’ll ask her anyway. No use in not trying?” Ben knew that once Randy set his mind to something, there would be no telling him otherwise.

“You’re right. Ask her,” Ben agrees. No use in making Randy mad, because Ben already has a plan.

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