Where To Go

Brown. Everything was brown. A dark, dry, dead kind of brown. These was some white too. But a dirty white, not the pretty pristine color. There were just these two colors.

I continued staring. The trees were bare. Patches of snow covered the path in front of me. There was no where to go back to — the bus that had dropped me here was gone as well — and there was no where I was going to.

I took my first step forward, away from the spot I had stood in since getting off the bus. I took a deep breath in. The air had changed. It was pure, electric, alive. There was no looking back. I walked towards the ttree-lined path. Surround by the trees and snow, my perspective changed. The trees were no longer dead, but full of new begining; the snow was no longer dirty, but full of life. The bright sky was promising, shining white light on everything.

I had no idea where this road would take me but I was going where ever it did.

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