maybe one day
when the world
is old & gray
and you’re cold
or maybe, i hope.
you’ll look back
and find
some girl
but kind.

that girl will be me
and maybe you’ll see
what we could of been
what we really can be.
you were just a little boy
young and care-free
i came in your direction
but you pushed passed me.

one in a million.
but you didn’t
take the chance
you only took one look
just at last glance.

and maybe one day
when the world is
and your
cold & alone
or maybe, i hope
you really
didn’t forget
and maybe
you did

letting go of that one girl
you were her heart
her soul
her world.
wishing that
some how
she would come back
beause she’s the one
& only
you really do lack.

so when you remember me
everthing we could of been
everything we can be

remember turning me down.
even when my arms
were wide open.

you turned me down.

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