No Way Up

Antonio and Leonardo stood there, briefing him. “Alright, Ezio, it’s important to fly over the fires, when you do, the heat from the fire will lift you back up.” DaVinci instructed him on the use of the machine.

“Yes, and avoid the archers.” Were Antonio’s words of wisdom.

Ezio took a run, and took off. He could just about here the guards shouting Shoot! Shoot the flying demon! He smiled at that. He remembered what Leonardo said. If you get hit in both wings, don’t worry, the gaps will even out.

He could see the basilica. He was almost at San Marco. That’s when it all went wrong. Nine flaming arrows hit the left wing, causing large gaps. He was falling, freewheeling, towards the canal. Abort plan he thought, preparing to let go and vanish into the current. Suddenly, two more arrows pierced the wing, and his sleeve, pinning him to the device. Two arrows struck the other side, preventing use of his other arm. Before he knew it, Ezio was drowning in the waters of Venizia.

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