The realm of sorrow

At the heart of the precinct lies the proving rooms of doom; the crime labs. At the heart of the heart, Matt Samson is working hurriedly to process the evidence.

Ding! As a form of humour to detatch from the job, Matt had set up the alert to sound like a microwave oven. This time, the sound indicated that the analysis of the Brook Innis blood and stomach content samples was completed.

Moving over to the display, Matt was shocked at what the results implied. There were pheromones present in her blood. She loved him? And he killed her! It was the same story with the stomach contents, nothing but hydrochloric acid and remnants of scraps of food from weeks ago.

Heading out, he saw one of the investigators walking down the corridor. “Cherie!” He called.

“I’m a bit busy right now, Matt!”

“I understand, here take the file, look it over in the car, there’s something you should see!”

She nodded and took the folio, before turning away.

“And Cherie!” he called after her, “Catch this sick son of a bitch!”

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