It came up through the ground during the night, secreted from the cement like a brown oily sweat. It looked like de-icer, and it got tracked everywhere. Doorways and lobbies were colored brown, then the hallways, then the classrooms. Eventually all the shoes were brown too, and it started to soak in. People washed brown off of their feet every night, and off their hands and faces. During the day, everybody seemed exhausted and distant, and during the night, nobody slept. Their eyes were bloodshot, skin: pale, and some of them had little brown stains at the corners of their mouths. The first one popped in the library. He mumbled drunkenly, and dark tears ran down his face. When he started to convulse, a brown foam formed in his mouth before he fell to the floor. As they turned him to his side he began to vomit thick streams of black oil, and his gut caved in, like all his organs were gone. When they paramedics came, they took him and the poor girl covered in goop to get her clean. She popped on the way there.

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