The water poured in.

Foam frothed and gushed through the tiny holes that studded the smooth, wooden wall.

Outside, the storm raged. The rain lashed against the tar roof and the water trickles began to join the fallen, mucky water inside the boat.

Persistant drilling:


The walls vibrated and splinters shot across the corridors into the cages. A zebra shrieked as a shard of wood flew into it’s eye. On the other side, the lions paddled frantically and blood stained the clear, brownish liquid that met Ham’s knees as the animals clawed one another.

Shrieks issued from above as the chaos spread. Brightly coloured parrots in their glamourous iridescence sang excitedly in response to the commotion below and neatly relieved themselves to add to the mayhem.

Shem sprinted down the corridor between the elephants and the giraffes in terror, slapping dung over some of the little holes as he went.

“Damn woodpeckers!” exlaimed Noah.

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