My little bit about Ficly

If you have ever wondered a what if, or pondered whether zombies would invade, or continued the snatch of conversation that met your ears in passing, then you will know what it is to ficly.
(Yes, I did indeed just make the name a verb.)

It is apt though, because it describes being part of something by an act. It is impossible to be on Ficly without doing something, and what is done is almost unique.
Belonging to Ficly is belonging to a forum: the same sense of togetherness, the same in-jokes.
It is also something like a role play: refreshingly interactive and bouncing off another’s idea, be it challenge or story, is one of the highlights of Ficly.
It is being a critic: learning what works, and understanding the techniques that create a masterful story.
It is like reading a good book, or several but in shot glass proportions.
Lastly, and most obviously, it is being a writer: having to put metaphorical pen to paper, sending out your creations into the world, with a thrill of feedback.
It is a joy to ficly.

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