Felonium Scores Big

Oxykleen swung higher and higher, and jumped! He faceplanted in the dirt, as was his custom. Felonium felt it was only fair that he steal his favorite swing back (he had endured the bum-holed pants, after all!) Oxy wasn’t having any of that though.

“Outta my swing or I’ll kleen your kloc!”

“That’s interesting,” said Felonium. “I have a kloc that needs to be kleened. Oxykleened!” And Felonium abruptly left the swing and proceeded to lead the way back to his house, where the kloc that needed to be kleened. Felonium lived on Googlybluster Magee in the fourth orangemacallithouse on the front. It suited him and his tiny family.

When Felonium knocked on the front door (which he always did at his own house), he expected his sister, Gellatinous, to answer the door. But it was Oxykleen instead. “What the?!” exclaimed a confoundeduddled Felonium.

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