Rabid Stress

She grew listless as the days went by, her eyes always peering out of some obscure opening within the house. He inquired several times but learned nothing other than that she felt nervous. It never occurred to him that she could feel such an emotion and for her to be so wildly engrossed in it made him uneasy.

For three days she consumed nothing and spoke little. It wasn’t until the fourth day that dark clouds rolled in and lightning lit the sky. Immediately, her face lit up likewise and she grabbed hold of his wrist and dragged him outside as huge droplets of rain were released from above.

Outside, she barked a quick “Follow me!” before she let go of his wrist and began to climb the side of the house. He stood dumbfounded as she reached the rooftop and began to run across its slippery surface, making a leap at the end to the roof next door. He nearly died at the sight and was only able to run parallel to her from the ground.

The two continued as evening took over.

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