To The Club

The crime lab wasn’t exactly on my way out of the building, but I had to know if there were any details that would put Dean in any danger. I took the file from Matt, and ripped it open as I hurried off. Time was of the essence.

Love? How could the victims love their killer? Some form of stockholm syndrome must have set in. It’s been a day since Brooke’s death, so he probably is on the prowl, or at least Dean hopes so.

I opened my car door and slid in, waiting until I was out of the parking garage before dialing Dean’s phone. Still not on. I floored it, getting to 5th street in record time. I cruised it, looking for anything.

Club Verve stuck out like a sore thumb, with the huge crowd wrapped around the block waiting to get in. I grabbed the photos of the girls from the file and canvassed the crowd and the bouncer, all the while looking for Dean.

“You mind if I ask around inside?”
“Yeah, I mind.” The bouncer frowned, puffing up his chest.

“She’s with me,” a familiar voice chimed. Cherie breathed relief.

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