Logical Explanations

Yvette blinked, certain that a wire had become jogged in her brain during her traumatic experience. She knew she should be terrified but she felt serene and at peace. The girl looked around, seeking the enigmatic beast that had dragged her below the surface. Stillness surrounded her.

As she looked up at the sky, hand before her eyes, she counted the number of rays that spiked out around her fingers—62. That was the same number she always counted on the yellow smiley-face suns on the Weather Channel graphs. “Crap,” she thought to herself, “this means that, beyond any doubt, I am still on Earth, for surely the Weather Channel would not lie about something like this.”

Perhaps Greg had been right, maybe there had been a glow in the river. If so, then she had been abducted by aquamarine aliens, it was the ONLY reasonable explanation from a scientific viewpoint. Yvette, always a logical person, reasoned that she was in an underwater dome that the abductors from the sea had built to spy upon boaters.

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