Good Guys Wear Black

The lone stranger walked down the street clad in the usual black. Black is more than a color. It gives respect, confidence and can even produce fear. In all the stories it’s the bad guy who is clad in black. But most of the time it’s the good guys that wear black in real life.

The stranger breaks out into a run as an alarm starts blaring in the distance. He appears as a streak, dodging car’s and people as he skims through the cluttered city street.

Everyone begins to scream as he pulls out a pistol and runs into the bank.

He is early. Which is very bad for someone with an occupation like him.

“Shit!” He mutters under his breath as he hears a cop cry out for him to drop his weapon

“I said drop your weapon!” the cop screams

And then it happens- a black hummer crashes through the bulletproof bank glass. The cop dives out of the way just as a rent-a-cop does… Me I take the forward approach.

I turn and fire my pistol. I only get one shot off before the car knocks me out of the way.

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