Good Guys Wear Black (2): The Heist Begins

“How many times do I forget that I’m supposed to run out of the way and shoot at the same time!” I think to myself as I watch the car crash into the bank counters and screams fill the air.

I draw myself to my feet and look for my pistol. It’s on the other side of the room, two men jump out of the black suv and they’re pissed. I did of course shoot one of them.

They immediately make there way over to me. They are armed. My body acts immediateky I reach into my coat and pull out my combat knife. Preventer’s have to travel light or else we’ll be picked up by ignorant police officers.

“Put the knife down bud. Your already fucked up enough.” One of them shouts over to me

I’m not fucked up. It’s actually them that’s about to be but I keep my mouth shut.

“I said put the knife down!” he yells training his run-of-the-mill machine gun on me

I flick a switch on the bottom of my knife and a high-pitched frequency starts to go off. Everyone starts screaming. The armed men clutch their ears and drop there weapons.

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