If It's Dragons You Want

The DJ stopped his records with a scratch of static as the overwhelming voice of the narrator echoed it’s last through the halls. A silence fell over the mass of writhing and drunk patronage. Esmerelda turned to leave the stage. Then a single slurred voice shouted above the silence. “Heey! Let her dance!”

The silence held for only a few more seconds, and then it all broke loose. “Let her dance!” Half yelled. “Play the music!” The other half replied.

The DJ, under assault from a multitude of thrown glow-sticks, glanced at Esmerelda. She grinned, showing her teeth, and he nodded in reply. Slowly his records began to spin again. He grabbed the mic and said, “Well if it’s Dragons you want…”

Esmerelda turned slowly to face the crowd, grin still plastered on her face. With the flick of a switch and the twist of a knob, a bass note blasts from the speakers as fire engulfs the stage. The smoke clears and Esmerelda is revealed, only now her sequins are brilliant green scales.

Silence. Then the crowd goes wild.

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